Get started with Google Adsense

You need to set this up just once. Then all of your future articles will contain adverts which link to your Adsense account at Google.

To cash in on your work, please go here and follow the instructions to set up your account:

You need to set up an advert of this type: Responsive

When you've done that, click Get code and write down the two numbers called: data-ad-client and data-ad-slot.

Return to the UK Road Racing site, log in and click My Account > Edit and enter the two Google numbers where shown.

When this has been done, every article that you save will contain your codes in the advert. We suggest you return to any previous articles and update them to add the correct advert codes (you can just click Edit and then Update without making any changes).

We suggest creating FOUR adverts of type Responsive in Google Adsense because in the future we may use additional ads. The data-ad-client will be the same for all of your ads so you only need to enter the data-ad-slot numbers.

How much will I make?

It depends how popular your articles are and how many people are reading them. We recommend sharing on Facebook to your friends plus at least two or three bike-related groups. You will be paid a few pence each time somebody clicks your advert and the money gets totted up in your Adsense account. Our account earned about £13 in the first couple of months when nobody was looking at the site (or so we thought!). This is FREE MONEY and one day when we write an article which is spread around the world it has the potential to make hundreds or even thousands of pounds within a couple of days! Bear in mind that this site is gathering momentum and your article will be indexed by the search engines so choose your Title and Subtitle carefully and try to use words which somebody might search for, e.g. " Cadwell BSB results" is probably a better idea than "Results from today's racing at Cadwell Park". This is because an exact text match is favoured in the search results, especially when it's in one of the headings.

Welcome to the team and best wishes for some great articles!