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What is Mad Sunday on the Isle of Man?

  • PUBLISHED SUN 23:13, 5 JUN 2016
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  • UPDATED FRI 23:26, 26 AUG 2016
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The Sunday of the middle weekend is known as Mad Sunday. But why?

Mad Sunday has a certain ring to it don't you think?

On the Sunday between practice week and race week, the name was perhaps coined as early as the 1920s when spectators were allowed around the TT course along with locals who weren't at work.

After a while the mountain section of the course was made one-way-only and this enabled riders and car drivers to take an optimum line through the corners and pretend to be Geoff Duke, Mike Hailwood, Joey Dunlop, Steve Hislop, David Jeffries, John McGuinness or Guy Martin... whoever!

Since there are no races scheduled, it's the one day when tourists and locals alike are free to take to the roads so when weather permits it's very busy everywhere.

Frequent TT visitors often prefer to enjoy other parts of the island and plenty of events are planned on this day. A vintage rally at Port St. Mary, Ramsey Sprint and Peel Day to name just three. Oh, and exhibitions in a variety of locations including a display of vintage TT photographs at the Laxey woolen mills.

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(Picture by the author at Parliament Square, Ramsey on 5/6/16)

I prefer to make my way cautiously around the busy course to Ramsey, where I spend an hour or two watching thousands of vehicles, mostly motorbike, passing through the town. Then an hour at Ramsey Sprint where for £30 people can try their bikes against the clock on the drag strip along the promenade. Then I like to meander on the coast road to Laxey beach for a while on the way back to my digs in Douglas.

Mad Sunday 2016 (today) was a super day as the weather was warm and sunny all day - just perfect!

There's so much to choose from to do that it's worth the journey just for this one day, but do try to stay a bit longer to experience the thrill of the racing next week!


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