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Independent promoter appointed for Isle of Man TT

  • PUBLISHED WED 16:01, 20 APR 2016
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  • UPDATED FRI 23:24, 26 AUG 2016
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After months of speculation and years of deliberation, Vision Nine, has been appointed as the promoter of the Isle of Man TT.

The London-based sports promotion company has been awarded a 10-year contract starting in 2017, with the option of a five year extension, to promote the TT and Classic TT festivals by the Manx government.

The move signals the TT's shift to an independent promoter from the control of the Isle of Man government.

Described as an “essential decision for the continued growth and evolution of the TT races” by David Cretney from the Island's Economic Development ministry, Vision Nine will join forces with the current race organiser, ACU Events, to manage both festivals.

TT Clerk of the Course, Gary Thompson, said that it would be a case of “business as usual” from his point of view.

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“ACU Events Ltd will continue to carry out the Risk Assessment process, review the safety of the TT Mountain Course prior to the event and deliver the TT Races in the same way,” he said.

North One television and distribution company IMG will continue to handle the television rights.

The Manx Grand Prix will still be operated and run by the Manx Motorcycle Club, although Economic Development Minister Laurence Skelly said: “The appointment will further drive growth in the Festival of Motorcycling and MGP with the continued support of the Manx Motorcycle Club."

Although no mention has been made on the future role of Paul Phillips, the man who is regarded as having led the renaissance of the TT, it is thought he is likely to become integrated into the new promotion team.

The appointment of Vision Nine is subject to approval by Tynwald, the Isle of Man's parliament, in April. 


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