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Hutchy is 'blown away' with his new BMW S1000RR

  • PUBLISHED MON 19:03, 14 MAR 2016
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  • UPDATED FRI 23:23, 26 AUG 2016
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The Bingley Bullet is very happy with his 2016 bike after testing

Ian Hutchinson has had his first test on the new Tyco S1000RR BMW he will race at the 2016 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy.

The "Bingley Bullet", who enjoyed a successful TT in 2015 winning both Monster Energy Supersport Races and the RL360 Superstock race, rode a stocker version of the German Superbike at Almeria after driving down to the Spanish venue with the bike in the back of his van.

Speaking to MCN Ian Hutchinson said:

"I had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed" after he had completed what was his first ever ride on a BMW during the track day.

There were no times for the session which Hutchy was using to get a feel for the bike he will race in the British Superstock championship alongside his roads campaign this year.

"In the first session I went out for three laps and then came in and thought 'I'll never be able to race a bike again!'" Hutchy joked.

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"The next session I stayed out the whole time and loved it. I think it's just been because I've been away from racing for four months and it all seems a bit odd when you first go out."

His first impressions focussed on the BMW's power delivery.

"The biggest thing is the power delivery, it is just so smooth you don't even realise how fast you are going. It's got a nice seating position and comfortable, just very easy to ride and I'm not aching or anything after today."

"Everyone I've spoken to who has ridden the bike seems to love it and they were right,"
he added.

Hutchy will join the rest of his Tyco BMW teammates for another test at Cartagena this week. He will spend a month in Spain with two further tests at Almeria scheduled in an intense month of pre-season trials. Hutchy also hopes to ride the Team Traction Control R6 Yamaha that he will use in this year's Monster Energy Supersport road races.

Ian Hutchinson holds the record for the most TT race wins in a single week, during the 2010 Isle Of Man TT festival, when he achieved an astonishing five wins.


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