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Darley Moor 2016 Timetable

  • PUBLISHED SAT 20:12, 19 MAR 2016
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  • UPDATED FRI 23:32, 26 AUG 2016
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[PLEASE SHARE] Schedule of events at Darley Moor circuit for 2016

Darley Moor 2016 calendar

(Dates are subject to possible change)

Date Event
April 2016
Sat 2ndTest Day Darley Moor MCRRC
Sun 3rdRound 1 Darley Moor
Including round 1 of the Curtis Milner Trophy
May 2016
Mon 2nd Round 2 Darley Moor MCRRC
Including round 2 of the Curtis Milner Trophy
Sat 21stMotor Cycle Races Vintage MCC
Sun 22ndMotor Cycle Races Vintage MCC
June 2016
Sat 18thRound 3 Darley Moor MCRRC
Sun19thRound 4 Darley Moor MCRRC
July 2016
Sun 10thRound 5 Darley Moor MCRRC
August 2016
Sun 7thRound 6 Darley Moor MCRRC
September 2016
Sun 4th Round 7 Darley Moor MCRRC
Including the Graham Bywater Trophy
October 2016
Sat 8thTest Day Darley Moor MCRRC
Sun 9th Round 8 & Stars Darley Moor MCRRC
Including Stars at Darley 2016

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